Movement without obstacles for optimal performance – is possible by free interaction of muscles, joints and carcass!

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Schiefe > Geraderichten

Schiefe > Geraderichten

Eine Grundvoraussetzung für einen gesunden Rücken - die Analyse der Schiefe und Übungen für das Geraderichten sind mir besonders wichtig!

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Saddle Pressure Meas..


Just like a runner cannot succeed without the right pair of running shoes, neither can your horse without a perfectly fitting saddle!

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If you are experiencing problems and would like to find out more about:

Treten auf diesem Weg Schwierigkeiten auf und möchten Sie gerne wissen ob

  • physical problems that horse experiences, for example, the spine of his back
  • the possibility that the saddle does not fit the horse perfectly
  • whether the type of training could be optimized?

Or you would like to simply prevent such incidents from occuring?
Together, we can find a solution in order for you and your horse to form a great team!

Newsworthy Tip

Rider and horse – a harmonious unit, invisible signals and smooth elegance! Which rider does not dream of this ideal picture and how difficult the steps towards this goal can be! Help your horse by relaxing yourself as much as possible while being seated. Before riding, simple stretching and relaxation exercises can be of great help. Also, it is helpful to use the saddle pressure management, to determine whether you are balanced or not, or in which situations your balance is not yet optimal

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